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 SDS stands for safety data sheet.  These documents are necessary for workplace safety regardless where that workplace may be.  The purpose of these documents is to provide employees, contractors, emergency personnel, and anyone else information on specific products.  Some of the information listed on each sheet for a specific product is: melting point, boiling point, toxicity, health effects, storage, disposal, first aid, protective equipment, spill handling procedures, etc.  It also includes procedures for handling the products/substances in a safe manner.  Listed below is a link to provide you easy access to those documents.  Farmer's Coop is committed to not only help your operation be a successful one but to help provide the means to be a safe one.

      FEED SDS                  WHOLE GRAIN SDS                 CDMS - Ag Chemicals Link

The Ag Chemicals page will open with a list of manufacturrers/suppliers names.  There are two ways to search a product:

When you pick the manfacturer's name, a list of all the chemicals will be displayed.  To the right of each chemical name will be a button for both the chemical label as well as the SDS.  When you click the button the corresponding document will open in Adobe Reader.  To download Adobe Reader click here.


In the search window, located in the upper right section of the page, you may type the Brand Name of the chemical and the SDS for that  chemical and it's variations will be displayed.  This search will also work with partial words.  Example: "ban" will retrieve the chemicals - Banner, Banvel, Lorsban, etc.

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