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Farmers Coop has partnered with The Cooperative Finance Association  (CFA) to offer 0% financing options on all spring crop input costs.
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2018 Fall Wheat Spring Fertilizer Program Deadline March 1

2018 Spring Crop Input Costs Deadline April 30

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Welcome - Cal Birkhofer our new Agronomy Division Manager

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Croplan and DeKalb Hybrids Showing Great Potential
The last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to walk several fields and the dryland corn is doing really well.  On our Croplan and DeKalb hybrids, we are seeing large diameter stalks compared to some of our competitors.  The larger stalk sizes give the plant the ability to take up more water and nutrients. Our early yield estimates are going to come in around 100 bushel per dryland acre and irrigated corn on track for 200 plus bushels per acre.

Delayed Payment Program on Wheat Inputs
This year we are again offering our delayed payment program for winter wheat inputs.  This program defers payments interest free for your wheat inputs - fertilizer, chemical protectants, seed, and fallow ground spraying - until February 10th, 2018. There is no penalty for early payment.  Make sure you ask for the delayed payment program when visiting with any of our sales agronomists.

Fungicide Application Pays Dividends
One item that really pays during a wet, rainy spring  on the winter wheat fields is the use of fungicides with an early application and then a second at the onset of rust. Every dryland field that has two treatments of fungicide show that it was well worth the expense for those treatments - yields are better with very little ergot and good test weight and protein. I would encourage you to incorporate some type of fungicide on this year's winter wheat crop plan.

MESZ Product Increasingly Popular with Customers
The fertilizer plant continues to be a great investment for our patrons with the shorter mixing and loading times. We are seeing more and more customers migrate away from the typical blend of urea and MAP to our new blend of urea and Mosaics Microessential MESZ product.  This product combines phosphorus, zinc, and two forms of sulfur - sulfate and elemental sulfur - in each prill.  This ensures that all of the nutrients are delivered to every plant. 
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