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Fall Feed Programs to Keep Livestock in Top Condition
Creep Consumption Rates
As we begin the fall season we have started many calves on our Ranger creep feed program. Within the last few weeks we are seeing  the consumption start to increase - indicating the calves are needing supplementation.  We can limit the consumption to make sure your calves are eating at a level that is profitable to you. A quality creep feed will help your calves wean easier and increase the pounds you have to market.
Booking Time
As we enter another feed season Farmers Coop has several options to keep your cows in top nutritional form. Our cubes will be available in a variety of protein levels and we can help you find what suits your operation. 
We also have liquid feed programs featuring the QLF Range 40. This product  can be fed with lick troughs or applied with a hay processor kit.  
Protein tubs are another good option.  We stock tubs from 20% to 40% protein. Contact Justin Anderson at 308-207-5446 for weekly price quotes.
Justin Anderson
Feed Sales
Ergot Poisoning
There have been reports across the Midwest and in Nebraska of ergot poisoning in cattle. Ergot is a fungus that grows on the seed head of cereal grains and grasses. Historically, rye was commonly affected but wheat, barley and oat contamination are the closest to home. Grasses such as brome, fescue and many others can also contain ergot. With the amount of affected wheat in our area this year we need to be very careful about using any cattle feed that contains whole wheat. We have verified with our suppliers that our cubes will not contain any wheat this year.

Delivery Scheduling
This cube season is looking to be as busy as ever. To help us give you the best service, please give us 10 to 14 days notice with your orders to get the manufacturing and delivery dates coordinated.






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